Pyro Cages

Pyro Cages

Burn Cage - Burn Barrel Alternative

The Pyro Cage is the ultimate solution for burning yard debris, card board boxes, and sensitive documents. A superior alternative to competing burn cages, loose piles, or old barrels, the Pyro Cage is engineered to provide excellent airflow for hotter flames and more thorough burns.

The Pyro Cages consist of 4 panels that easily assemble with no tools required to form a strong self-supporting structure that will contain your items for burning. The strong steel construction is over 2 times thicker than steel barrels commonly used to construct burn barrels. 

Unlike many alternative burn cages the Pyro Cages are easily disassembled to clean ash piles left behind after burning and the entire unit can be stored flat in your garage or shop.

4 sizes are available for any burning need from portable campfires to large brush piles.

Optional lids and bases are also available for each model.

100% designed and built in USA using American steel.

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