The Pyro Tower is more than a fire pit. 

It's more than a grill.

It's a modern metal chiminea made from heavy duty American Steel for your backyard or favorite outdoor space that combines modern aesthetics, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and unmatched customer service.

Forget Fire Pits - Change Your Backyard Forever 

With A Pyro Tower Metal Chiminea

The Pyro Tower is a modern metal chiminea made from heavy duty steel that radiates heat around your patio while directing smoke up and away from you and your guests. It burns full-sized logs and is guaranteed to never tip over or break.

This metal chiminea is no one-trick pony, either. It boasts a full stable of accessories for cooking your favorite meals with charcoal or wood.

Dimensions (without pedestal) 32"w x 25"d x 42"h - 208 pounds

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The unique design of this metal chiminea will make it the centerpiece of your backyard. Whether your patio is traditional or modern the Pyro Tower will be at home in any decor.


The Pyro Tower is a Metal Chiminea precision cut from heavy duty 3/16” American Steel - over 3 times thicker than cheap import alternatives and is built to last a generation.


The Pyro Tower features an easy-to-maintain finish that is designed to last a lifetime. You can also let the steel patina naturally in the beautiful fashion that only steel can. Learn More


Precision-cut steel allows a unique tab and slot design that enables flat shipping and easy assembly for just 2 people in a matter of minutes with basic tools.


Covered storage protects wood from rain to make sure the Tower is always ready. An optional cover offers year-round protection when not in use.


All of our products are designed and built by craftsmen in Kansas using 100% American Steel. We include a Lifetime Warranty on every Pyro Product.

Pyro Tower Overview

Check out this video for a quick overview of what makes the Pyro Tower Metal Chiminea the ultimate replacement for a traditional fire pit or chiminea.

The New shape of cooking

Anything you can cook, you can cook better on a Pyro Tower. It is the most flexible metal chiminea or outdoor cooker available and combines the best features of a charcoal grill, wood smoker, and wood-fired oven all in one eye-catching centerpiece for your backyard. We have individual kits available for your favorite styles of cooking, or you can get it all in our easy-to-order Complete Kit.


Prepare flavor-packed meals cooked over your choice of charcoal or wood.


Meat will fall off the bone with a smokey flavor you can only get with real wood.


Bake amazing wood-fired pizza, bread, and more in your own backyard! 


If you want it all, the Pyro Tower Complete Kit includes everything you need to burn firewood and grill, smoke, and bake your favorite meals with wood or charcoal. Check out the video below for a quick look at everything that's included.