Flavor is back, baby! Nothing beats the taste of food roasted over a bed of charcoal or the magic of a meal cooked with a wood fire.

 Join the revolution and fight the evolution of food and #FeedYourCaveman.

Anything You Can Cook  

You Can Cook Better on a Pyro Tower

At Proud Pyro we believe that real grills don't have wires. They don't have knobs or special fuels (what the heck is a pellet, anyway?) and they sure don't have a smartphone app. All a real grill needs is a bag of charcoal or an axe and a match to make a meal fit for a king.

We believe something special happens when food is cooked over an open flame. It's primal. It's the way nature intended it to be. And when you respect the process you are rewarded with unmatched flavor. We believe that once you Feed Your Caveman, nothing less will ever satisfy.

We also believe that the lifespan of a grill should be measured in years, not months. We make all of our products right here in the USA from heavy 7 gauge American Steel and back it up with a Lifetime Warranty.

The Pyro Tower is available in special kits with all the accessories you need for your favorite styles of cooking, or you can get it all in our easy-to-order Complete Kit.


Charcoal or Wood. Choose your weapon.


When only the most tender meat will do.


You'll never order delivery pizza again.


When you just have to have it all - now in one easy to order kit.

Recipes, Tips, and Tricks

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