Anything you can cook, you can cook better on a Pyro Tower

The Pyro Tower is the most flexible cooker available combining the best features of a charcoal grill, wood smoker, and wood-fired oven all in one eye-catching centerpiece for your backyard. We have individual kits available for your favorite styles of cooking, or you can get it all in our easy-to-order Complete Kit.
View our favorite recipes on our Blazin' Bites Food Blog to see what we've cooked up on our very own Pyro Tower.


We believe that real grills don't have wires. We embrace our primal urge to cook with fire. We've tasted nothing that beats the flavors of food prepared over wood and charcoal. Join our revolution and fight the evolution of food and #FeedYourCaveman today.



Grilling Kit

Your favorite grilled dishes are a snap on the large 23.5" x 16" grate surface. A generously sized charcoal basket that can be accessed at any time in the cooking process gives you ample control over the temperature and arrangement of your coals or wood.

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Smoking Kit

Indirect heat for smoking your favorite recipes is accomplished with a simple suspension system using wire or kitchen twine. Vents on the bottom door allow you to control oxygen intake, while the adjustable louver on the top of the tower controls exhaust to get the perfect amount of smoke.

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Baking Kit

Bread, pizza, and much more can be baked in the top chamber of The Pyro. The included thermometer in the top door let you carefully monitor temperatures to achieve the perfect wood-fired bread. The optional Pizza Kit offers all you need to bake delicious restaurant-style pizza that is sure to impress.

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Wood Burning Kit

Once you're done cooking, place the Firewood Rack in the top chamber to enjoy a warm fire to sit around as the night winds down. Burn worry-free with the optional Fire Screen door and Spark Arrestor insert for the top vents.

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Complete Kit

Get the Pyro Tower with all of the accessories you need to grill, smoke, bake, and burn with charcoal and wood in one easy to order kit.

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