Meet our first contributing chef!

Meet our first contributing chef!

Meet Jack Hennessy, our first contributing chef that will teach us all amazing recipes for cooking on the Pyro Tower. He specializes in preparing wild game with artistic and tasty technique, but he’s also going to share his favorite classic meals cooked over wood and charcoal to help #FeedYourCaveman.

With a culinary background including the West Coast’s famed Elk Public House, Jack is a newly minted Kansan and lives with his wife and new baby in Winfield. Jack is a passionate denizen of the outdoors and is the author of the food blog “Braising the Wild”. 

Among his industry recognitions, Jack was one of the distinguished chefs featured on the wild game cooking stage at both 2017 and 2018 Pheasant Fests. His approach to preparing meals for his friends and family centers on the experience and joy of hunting, and connecting this to a meal crafted from something truly wild. Now a resident of Kansas, Hennessy is enjoying trying his hand at traditional barbecue fare.

Follow Jack on Twitter: @WildGameJack


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