Wood Fired Oven

You'll Never Order Delivery Pizza Again

How Pizza Was Meant To Be

If you've ever had a pizza made in a wood fired pizza oven, you already know what we're talking about. The heavenly mix of fresh ingredients and the unique flavors imparted by the fire make it difficult to choose anything else for dinner. The Pyro Tower doesn't just excel at making pizza - you can also bake bread, cheese sticks, and desserts as well!

They Pyro Tower Wood Fired Oven easily reaches cooking temperatures of over 700 degrees - far hotter than your conventional oven - to cook the perfect pizza in a matter of minutes.

pizza in wood fired pizza oven kit - Pyro Tower

Pyro Tower Oven Kit

Built for fire - made for cooking - the Wood Fired Oven Kit includes everything you need to make amazing pizza and more.

• Pyramid shape focuses heat and draws flavor-packed smoke up through the food while cooking

• Thick 7 gauge steel helps maintain temperature

• Optional pedestal stand raises grill to comfortable 36" for easy reach

• Burns your choice of charcoal or wood fuel

• Quickly converts into outdoor fireplace with optional accessories

pizza in wood fired oven kit - Pyro Tower

The Oven Door with Thermometer encloses the top chamber of the Pyro Tower to hold the heat in while cooking. The 2" thermometer is easy to read for accurate temperatures. The 3/16" ceramic window helps you monitor the progress of your pizza while cooking.

pizza in wood fired oven kit - Pyro Tower

The included Baking Steel and Pizza Scrape make a perfect combination for loading and unloading food from the oven while cooking. The 1/4" thick Baking Steel is nearly 20x more efficient at retaining and radiating heat than a traditional baking stone.

pizza in wood fired oven kit - Pyro Tower

The adjustable louver installs behind the upper vents of the Pyro Tower and is used to control the airflow through the top of the tower to help regulate the temperature in the cooking chamber.