Ember Wood

Blaze Tower is pleased to introduce an amazing new option for finishing your DIY Furniture kits, or any project that requires lumber with a natural finish and a unique look that will last for decades.

Our wood finish draws on the centuries-old proven wood modification technique pioneered by Japanese builders known as Shou Sugi Ban 焼杉板 (or Yakisugi).

How we do it

We select choice pieces of lumber for straightness and grain structure for the most attractive finished product. Each piece is individually charred using specialized burners at extremely high temperatures. The charcoal barrier created through this process preserves the wood, and is naturally fire, rot and insect resistant. The burning process accentuates the wood grain and creates varying colors when viewed from different angles and in different light changing from black to gray to dark brown.

Following the charring process and a thorough cleaning, each piece is hand-oiled with our Good Ol' Fashioned Metal Rub to add a second layer of protection and dimensionality to the wood. No further staining or painting is required, and the wood remains protected for up to 80 years!